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I’ve returned! I’m back from a vacation to Alabama. Chevy Chase’s station wagon was upgraded to a minivan as we blared “Holiday Road” over the Sienna sound system. Me, the wife, the two kids… all we needed was a dog on the bumper and a grandparent on the roof.

Our youngest was up really early in the morning. And due to our sleeping arrangements at my in-laws house, I was in the room with him at 5:00am. And when I say he was up, we’re talking gripping-the-crib-rails-bouncing-up-and-down-wide-awake up. In a house where sound travels.

But my bride had an excellent idea one morning when she wanted to sleep a little longer and motivate me to stay up with the little guy. She suggested I go take pictures at sunrise, and take him with me. So I got some scenic HDR pictures of Montgomery, Alabama to share. I’ll leave it to my wife to post the family pics on her blog; she’s much better at that. The first four pics of mine follow. I took many more, but they need some post-processing. I’ll get around to the others later.