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Here is a just-completed promo video for our church’s production of Children of Eden (with a sermon series to go along with it!) The creative process for this one was fun. We originally concepted a video showing rehearsals and actor interviews, but due to VBS needing the stage, we had some concerns about capturing the epic, Broadway-esque scale of this. So simply using text, a jungle photo with some leaves and branches thrown into 3D space, and the graphics from the official logo/promo poster, we decided to create something that felt more like a movie trailer. And really, this is the only song in the soundtrack that has the right “feel”, so I edited 3 segments of music together to make this spot. We’ll still be shooting some rehearsals for a bonus promo that will go online, and be mentioned in the pastor’s weekly email to the congregation. This was created in After Effects and Photoshop.