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Roll Tide!

I started my Friday Inspiration posts when I realized I should share some of the videos I regularly share with my video team. If I see a unique, challenging, or particularly well done video, I like to spread the inspiration.

One of the things we often do in our video department is create promotional videos. We want to compel people to come to a special event or the next worship series. Some are meant to be emotive. Some are meant to make you think. Some touch on the mysterious. Some are funny. Some are epic.

Today’s inspiration is epic. Whether you’re an Alabama fan or not, this is really well done. The interplay of text, music, historic imagery, handheld footage, sunrise footage, and the coach and players all work perfectly to draw one in to be a part of something epic. It really works. Sure, Auburn fans will consider this film maker a modern day Leni Riefenstahl, but it’s awesome.

The Sports Promo genre is one we don’t get to dive into in our church roles too often, but I would be remiss to not also add the following video. A production company that does some really incredible videos for churches was asked to put together a basketball promo for a Christian college. Almost all of this was created from stills and old VHS footage. This is so well done, especially knowing the limitations they were working with.

“A History of Victory” Bethel College from eyemotion on Vimeo.