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Malawi Highlights from Rob Webster on Vimeo.

The week after returning from Malawi this past July, I started editing together some of the footage, just as a way for me to process the trip and be familiar with the footage for when I would need to edit together a Christmas Eve Offering piece later. But as is often the case, if there’s no audience and no deadline, the project went unfinished. Fortunately, our team gathered for a dinner last night to eat, fellowship, and finalize some plans for our funding and missionary endeavor recommendations. It also gave me an excuse to spend a final hour finishing this up.

I love the people of Malawi, and this video focuses much more on them than on our team and what we did. It’s not meant to have much of a narrative to it, other than to show the people we feel God has called us to reach out to. I’m so excited that our church is looking at ways to do missions well and responsibly, in a way that involves long-term investments in specific communities.

For those who care about technical aspects of video production, most of this video was shot with the Sony Z1U, a wonderful little HD camera. I used a cheap WalMart monopod to steady some of the shots. I took a tripod, and only used it for some interviews. A few of the clips were shot with the Canon Rebel T2i DSLR, which had only arrived in the mail 2 days before this trip, but is an amazing camera for video capture.

The music for this is one of my favorite pieces. Composer Kurt Bestor recorded this song called “The Sage of Lamberene” in 1995, and I’ve wanted to use it in a video project for years. This Malawi video was the obvious place for it.