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At the end of August, I did a blog post about shooting video with a DSLR. The sample clip I posted was very brief. My co-worker Alex and I filmed a local news anchor / church member who agreed to be the host for the video. The blog post was more about the technical lessons learned when shooting with a different camera. For the final video, we meshed DSLR footage and HDV interview shots with some SD historical footage. After all the content-gathering was complete, I left town on vacation, leaving the project in Alex’s capable hands. This was one of 5 videos the poor guy prepared for the first weekend of our Capital Campaign, all of which required the input and sign-off of the church leadership. I’m grateful for all the members of my team, any one of whom I could trust with a project. Alex pulled triple duty to get it all done that week.

For those of you that are curious, here’s the final video and how it turned out:

Capital Campaign video from Rob Webster on Vimeo.