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Download the Advent Conspiracy Video

In 2009, our Church of the Resurrection resident animator Jason Watson put together a video for the Advent Conspiracy. Is your church doing anything to join the Conspiracy? If so, feel free to use/steal/propagate the video Jason put together.

Below, you’ll find three links. The first link is to a full-resolution version of the video (letterboxed, standard definition) that you can use in your worship service.

Want even more?

You can get a complete video package, either in HD or SD letterboxed. In addition to the main Advent Conspiracy video, the package files include 4 “sermon starter” bumper videos that can be used earlier in a worship service, or right at the beginning of the sermon.  They match up with the four messages of the Advent Conspiracy: Give More, Love All, Spend Less, and Worship Fully.
If you’d like to use social media outlets to share the video (and we really encourage this!), we ask that you use our online version instead of re-posting it. This helps us track the number of views and measure the effectiveness of online media. To use the online version, use this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtbbbK5QH8Q. You can either copy and paste this text into an email, or click the link to see the video in YouTube and click the “Share” button directly under the video. Options abound.

All of these videos are MOV files using the H.264 codec. If it doesn’t play back on your computer, try going to QuickTime.com and downloading the latest version.

Feel free to download and use these in your worship services.

Links to full-resolution versions:

Click here to download The Advent Conspiracy Video.

Click here to get the 5 video HD Package. (213MB Zip file)

Click here to get the 5 video SD Package. (165MB Zip file)

Creative Commons License
Advent Conspiracy by The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Inspired by the work at adventconspiracy.org.