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Church of the Resurrection 2010 Year in Review from Rob Webster on Vimeo.

This is a video I made for our church’s annual business meeting, reviewing some of the highlights of the past year. I loved sitting down with these pastors and hearing their enthusiasm for what God’s doing in our midst. These are good folks, who I admire deeply, and I’m greatly enjoying getting to know them.

This was the first 2-camera shoot I’ve done with 2 DSLR cameras. Converting all the footage for use in Final Cut took forever, but it was well worth it, in my opinion. The image quality from these cameras surpasses our much more expensive HD cameras. They’re perfect for a controlled studio environment. Focus and sound shortcomings would make me hesitant to use these on a location shoot, though. The tracking shots were done with the Indie Slider Mini. I plan on doing a video review of this soon.

The initial interview footage was darker, and to my eye, preferable. But it needed to be shown on the big screens in our sanctuary, and it was really too dark for that purpose. So I lightened and color graded using the Colorista II plugin in After Effects. It’s a great tool, and has become essential to our workflow here.