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Hi, friends! A lot of you coming to my blog attended the Leadership Institute this past week. I promised in my workshop that I’d post a list of resources for you. So that PDF document is here!

[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/LIResources”]

Also, note the blog post right below this one. It has my tips for getting better interviews. And soon, I hope to post before and after videos from one of you! One of the conference participants came to my workshop. He had just finished recording an interview, then came to my workshop and saw how to better light and mic an interview. So then he re-shot the whole thing, and it played at his church just this morning. He said he’d share the before and after video with me, so hopefully I’ll build a whole blogpost around it.

Meanwhile, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you make better videos, and thanks for the great conference!