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I’m very pleased to reveal a new logo for the church where I work, Covenant United Methodist Church in Dothan, AL. This logo redesign is the first step in a design overhaul that we’re moving towards, and I’m so excited to be a part of it. The new logo goes “live” in the next week or two, but you, fair readers, get this sneak preview!

The previous logo was lacking in a number of areas, and so the task of the new design was to have a logo that had a distinct and unique graphical element that reflected who we are, as well as clean, professional, modern type.

T]he name of our church is Covenant United Methodist Church, and so the idea was developed of using a wax seal as a visual metaphor. At the Last Supper, Jesus speaks of the blood of the New Covenant – a new deal being made with all of humanity, a deal sealed with nothing less than the very blood of the Son of God. It is because of this covenant, sealed in blood, that we have enormous freedom. The grace of God is undeniable, and changes everything about us. The wax seal implies a deal that is sealed, and the cross over it indicates what gives power to the covenant. The wax is naturally red, but it also echoes the color of the blood of Christ.

The type is rendered in a solid, thick, serif typeface that reflects integrity and confidence. The blue color is the compliment to the red and provides ample contrast. The subhead text brings visual balance to the overall design with a light modern sans serif font that can be changed out to title different subministries of the church.