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Thanks for checking out this portfolio. I’ve been a part of many creative endeavors over the years, spanning many different styles, genres, and types of projects. Film can be described with words, but why not show it? These are a few samples, picked specifically to show stylistic variety.

To see a PDF of my resumé, click here.

Interfaith roundtable

On the tenth anniversary of 9-11, the pastor of the largest United Methodist Church wanted to get the perspective of Muslims. I proposed a round table discussion. I found friends with Canon cameras, so the color profiles would match. Then I found a large room and table, and used two China ball lights hung from the ceiling to evenly light the faces. We had 5 independent audio channels that were synced to the videos in post for the edit. 


An incredible team effort that took several weeks to build and execute, this Lego stop-motion video generated the highest non-holiday attendance in this church’s history. And if you’re really curious about what I learned making this, you can see a “making of” video by clicking here.


This is a recent Christmas-themed animation. All I had to start with was a still image logo. I wondered, what if I pulled out the separate elements, placed them in 3D space, and flew a camera through it? Once I added flickering lights to the light bulbs, which reflected and added shadows, the result was surpsingly effective. Adding sparks and sound effects, then timing it to the perfect music bed with a hint of chaos, and it was complete. 

conference introductions

I was asked by a denomination to create videos to introduce newly ordained pastors at a conference. I wanted a highly polished look for this, so I animated the conference logo for the introduction, found approprpiate music to underscore and separate the different sections, carefully lit the set, and used a two camera shoot with some slight motion from the second camera to add motion.